Ongoing registration

PWP Annual Declaration

PWP Registration is for people working as a PWP in an IAPT or similar service and is for a period of one year. After this, members are registered annually by making an online Declaration of fulfilling the required standards for PWP practice, CBT Skills Supervision and PWP CPD.

If you are randomly selected for audit, you must submit evidence that you fulfil the supervision and CPD requirements. It is statistically likely that you will be audited every five years, however the selections will be made randomly so it is not possible to know when or how often you will be audited.

To maintain PWP registration, you must provide a minimum of two hours per week Step 2 practice as part of your clinical work. This can include assessments, 1:1 treatment, groups or cCBT. If cCBT activity is email support only, the two hours would need to include one other form of Step 2 practice.

PWP Re-Registration Supervision Requirements

As part of your Clinical Skills Supervision arrangements, you must have regular live assessment of your practice, including:

  • at least two live assessments of your practice each year, demonstrating two different interventions
  • a minimum of one hour per week ongoing individual Case Management Supervision
  • an average of one hour per fortnight Clinical Skills Supervision

You can include live supervision undertaken during your PWP training when you first apply for inclusion on the Register. To maintain your registration, you must continue to receive live assessment of your practice each year.

Variations/exceptions: We recognise that on rare occasions, PWPs are working in settings where a live assessment is not possible. For example, working with clients who are unable to provide informed consent. If this is the case, the supervisor must account for this in the report and explain how good practice is maintained.

Live Supervision

Whilst inclusion of a regular live element is recommended for ongoing clinical supervision, it is not a requirement between completing training and applying for registration

It is recommended for registration purposes, and a requirement for ongoing registration, to include regular live sampling of a Supervisee’s practice within the supervision arrangement. This can include live observation, one-way screen, video or audio recordings - minimum 2 occasions per year, covering at least 2 patients.

PWP Re-Registration CPD Requirements

Each year you must have completed five learning and development activities, including:

  • at least four activities which refer directly to CBT-informed principles and approaches
  • a minimum of six hours of CBT-informed skills development
  • a CPD Reflective Statement for each activity.

Download - CPD Reflective Statement [Word]

PWP CPD examples suitable for ongoing Registration

Once registered, you will begin to keep a record of your CPD by writing a Reflective Statement. You can log in to the Members' Area to find previous webinars. Examples of suitable CPD include:

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