De-registration Policy

De-registering Policy for Wellbeing Practitioners (PWP, CWP, EMHP)

About de-registration

Wellbeing practitioners come off the Wellbeing Practitioner section of the CBT Register UK and Ireland for a variety of reasons. For many, this is a choice they actively make, whether it's due to practising outside of the UK, a career break/change of more than two years or retirement.

You can take a break of up to two years and remain on the register. However, in order to renew your registration you need to complete your annual declaration and pay your fees. If you will be out of practice for longer than 12 months after your declaration date, you will also be required to complete a leave of absence form to inform us of this. See more here: Application for Leave of Absence.

If you plan to be out of practice for more than two years, you should complete the de-registration form to remove your name from the register and apply for re-registration when or if you return to practice again.

Once you have been de-registered, you will no longer appear on the Wellbeing Practitioner section of the CBT Register UK and Ireland nor be able to use the BABCP registration logo.

How do I de-register?

To de-register, you will need to complete all sections of the de-registration form below, including the declarations, and send your completed de-registration form to We aim to process de-registrations within 28 days. Any enquiries about the de-registration process should be sent to

We will notify you once your de-registration request has been received and again when it has been processed.

You can do this up to 30 days before the date you wish to leave our register.

Download the De-registration form [Word]

De-registration and continuation of membership

There are a couple of options regarding coming off the Wellbeing Practitioner Register and maintaining BABCP membership. Please note – if your Wellbeing Practitioner Registration renewal date is separate to your membership renewal, you will not be able to amend your membership fee type. Please refer to the de-registration form for more information.

De-registration and fees

As a Wellbeing Practitioner registered with BABCP, your subscription will either be one subscription fee (covering both your membership and Wellbeing Practitioner fee) or two separate fees; one for the Wellbeing Practitioner and one for the membership, the latter type will have two different anniversary dates. It was set up this way to account for those that were already members of BABCP when the wellbeing practitioner registration was introduced.

  • Fees will not be reimbursed if you decide to de-register during your subscription year. You can instead choose to de-register and then finish out your membership subscription year.
  • You can only make amendments to your membership fee type within 30 days of your membership renewal date. For more information, please refer to the de-registration form.
  • If you decide to come off the wellbeing register within 30 days of your re-registration date you will receive a full refund for your upcoming registration year (£15). Your registration will no longer be valid and your registration period will be confirmed up until the re-registration date.
  • If you are also cancelling your BABCP membership and you are within 30 days of your membership renewal date you will also receive a full refund for your upcoming membership year.

You can choose to maintain your BABCP membership without the wellbeing registration. If you keep this subscription you will continue to pay your annual membership fees on your membership renewal date.

If you have not received your anticipated refund within 30 days of de-registering, please contact our Accounts department at

PLEASE NOTE - Wellbeing Practitioner registration can be withdrawn in these circumstances:

  1. A complaint made against you is upheld
  2. You allow your BABCP membership to lapse
  3. You do not meet the BABCP Standards of Conduct, Performance & Ethics
  4. Your declaration is not received within 28 days after your registration renewal date, as notified to you on the email you received with this form
  5. You have not paid your annual registration renewal fees

If your registration is withdrawn for any of the above reasons, you will no longer appear on the Wellbeing Practitioner section of the CBT Register UK and Ireland.

De-registering and membership

When you de-register, you will have the option to either maintain or cancel your membership with the BABCP. If you maintain your membership, you will continue to have access to:

  • Preferential rates at our Annual and Spring Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and CPD events, with many delivered free of charge
  • Free copies of the journal Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy and free access to our online journal the Cognitive Behaviour Therapist - plus the opportunity to submit and publish articles for these high-quality peer-reviewed journals
  • Free copies of our membership magazine CBT Today
  • Access to a wide range of live and recorded CPD Webinars
  • Membership of a lively network of regional Branches and Special Interest Groups who organise their own CPD events

Please note failure to pay your membership fees will automatically remove you from the CBT Register UK and Ireland.

If you choose to lapse or cancel your membership, or we withdraw or end your membership, and you require further information on data retention, please see our Privacy Policy

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