Time off and Re-registration

Time off and Re-registration for Wellbeing Practitioners

If you are an Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist - please go to our 'Time off and Reaccreditation' page.

You can make your annual re-registration Declaration if you are registered and out of practice for a year or less.  

When you come to your re-registration date (a year after initial registration), you will be invited to complete an annual Declaration. Within the declaration, you will have the option to declare you are currently on a leave of absence. As long as you are due to return within 12 months of your declaration, this will not affect your registration

If you have recently returned to practice, you can still submit your Declaration if you are back in practice even if you have had extended time off for any part of the preceding 12 months.

If you are going to be out of practice for longer than a year, you should apply for a leave of absence. 

If you are on a leave of absence at the time of your Declaration and you have not yet informed us, please return your annual declaration alongside a completed leave of absence form. Alternatively, you can lapse your registration and re-apply when you wish to re-join the register.

​Reasons for Time out of Clinical Practice

Extended periods of time out of clinical practice may be due to parental leave, adoption leave, carers leave, sick leave, compassionate leave such as bereavement, sabbatical, a change to non-clinical role, practicing outside of the UK, its territories or Ireland. This will also apply if you are not meeting the minimum practice requirements for your role.

You will not be expected to have supervision or complete CPD if you are out of practice.

Sometimes, Registered members will need repeated or prolonged absences from clinical practice. We are here to advise about maintaining registration and how to keep up-to-date with practice, supervision and CPD. If it has become difficult to meet those standards and registration is lapsed, we have a straightforward process to enable practitioners to re-join the register. If you are back in clinical practice you can apply via the normal application route. If you are not yet back in clinical practice and wish to re-join the Register, please see our Return to Practice Policy.

Change of email? Please let us know at wellbeing@babcp.com

​Application form and Audit Information

Please refer to the below links to access the application for leave of absence and further information regarding time off and Wellbeing Practitioner Registration Audit -

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