Good Practice Guide for working with children

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Good Practice Guide for working with children, young people and families 

The aim of this good practice guide is to provide CBT therapists who are interested in working with children, young people and families, with information about key areas of skill and knowledge that are important. Children and young people are a group with specific needs, and the CBT we offer must be tailored to these needs. This involves having specific training and continuing professional development in areas related to child development and the context in which young people are living. Accessing supervision from a therapist who has expertise in working with children and young people is key to developing practice.

These guidelines are not mandatory, but we hope you will find them a useful resource to ensure that your practice is as good as it can be with this vulnerable group. We have written these guidelines with the busy clinician in mind, and we hope you will find helpful information within these pages, as well as many useful resources which you can continue to explore as part of your ongoing professional development. The aim of the guidelines is to help all clinicians working with children to consider best practice, and to ensure that clinicians who are more used to working with adults are aware of key differences in working with children and young people. We hope that this will promote good outcomes and help prevent unintentional harm.

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