T.E.A.M. CBT Special Interest Group


  • To promote the philosophy and techniques of T.E.A.M. CBT, primarily in the UK, as well as elsewhere in Europe and beyond
  • To provide support and training to complement that already provided by David Burns, the Feeling Good Institute, and others
  • To develop a resource that can respond to the needs of people and organisations using the T.E.A.M. CBT approach

What is T.E.A.M.-CBT?

T.E.A.M.-CBT was developed by Dr David Burns, who is an Emeritus Adjunct Professor of Clinical Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. In the early days of his career, David Burns worked very closely with the late Aaron Beck, the founder of CBT, and also wrote the highly popular and influential self-help book, Feeling Good. 

Burns’s decades-long research into the best clinical tools to treat depression and anxiety resulted in the development of T.E.A.M. CBT, an evidence-based structure to support therapists in providing rapidly effective treatments for mood problems, relationship issues, habits and addictions. 

The framework is very inclusive, as it incorporates methods from many therapeutic schools. It is an approach which therefore emphasises “tools, not schools” of therapy. In brief, the structure of T.E.A.M.-CBT revolves around the following areas:

T - Testing. T.E.A.M. CBT involves regular mood surveys and feedback questionnaires to obtain the most accurate data possible to help clients.
E - Empathy. Empathy has been shown to be a key factor in therapeutic outcomes. T.E.A.M. CBT offers therapists strategies to enhance and communicate empathy.
A - Agenda setting. A crucial element of T.E.A.M. CBT is its focus on client resistance to therapy, which is often a challenge to therapeutic success. T.E.A.M. CBT examines the causes of resistance and provides a clear path to try to overcome it.
M - Methods. T.E.A.M. CBT uses an extensive inventory of effective and rapid therapeutic interventions drawn from a variety of approaches, which can be incorporated into therapists’ existing practice. 


Chair  Derek Reilly
Secretary  Claire Vickers
Treasurer Benjamin Mitchell
Liaison Officer Andy Persson
Ordinary Members  Tania Ahern, Peter Spurrier


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