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Welcome to the BABCP Podcast Hub, where we explore the world of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) through engaging and informative discussions. Whether you're a member of the public looking to learn more about CBT, a clinician seeking to enhance your practice, or want to learn more about the latest research, we have a podcast tailored just for you.

Let’s Talk about CBT

Hosted by our Senior Clinical Advisor, Helen Macdonald, "Let's Talk about CBT" is the podcast that explores what is CBT, what is isn’t and how it can help. Through insightful conversations and expert advice, we aim to demystify CBT, inform about how it can help specific problems and provide practical knowledge that you can apply to improve your mental well-being. Join us as we explore real-life stories and professional insights that make CBT accessible to everyone.

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Let's Talk about CBT - Practice Matters

“Let's Talk about CBT - Practice Matters," hosted by Rachel Handley, is dedicated to helping clinicians enhance their practice. In each episode, Rachel interviews leading experts in the field of CBT who share their knowledge, expertise and personal insights. This podcast is an invaluable resource for anyone working in CBT looking to gain expert advice, practical tips and knowledge to help enhance their practice and work better with their patients.

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Let's Talk about CBT - Research Matters

In "Let's Talk about CBT - Research Matters," Steph Curnow, Managing Editor for the BABCP Journals interviews authors of published work in the Journals about their research, what they found and how they hope this will impact the world of CBT. This podcast is perfect for busy clinicians and researchers who want to keep up with the latest research and access papers in a fun and engaging format.

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