Women and Gender Minorities Equality SIG


  • To provide high quality training for members to raise awareness of the specific and complex issues faced by women and gender minority groups which negatively impact on psychological well-being.
  • To support members by offering training so they can develop the necessary competencies to provide non-discriminatory, effective and inclusive treatments.
  • To provide an open, safe space which facilitates exploration and discussion of gender issues experienced within the organisational culture.
  • To promote equality of opportunity for women and gender minorities within the organisation
  • To recognise the discriminatory effect that structural racism has on women of colour and to raise awareness of how this affects equality of opportunity within the organisation.
  • To promote supportive workplace environments for women and gender minorities
  • To build closer professional relationships in the workplace to enable differences to be embraced.
  • To organise training to identify and address the issues that may be preventing women and gender minorities from putting themselves forward for leadership positions within the organisation
  • To raise awareness of discriminatory practice against women and gender minorities
  • To address and support through training the issues that affect women and gender minorities in the workplace
  • To encourage the career development of women and gender minorities in CBT research, training and clinical settings
  • Empower women and gender minorities to contribute further to the development and dissemination of high quality CBT research and practice.
  • Foster a supportive environment for women and gender minorities to create professional networks to improve patient care
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the cultural, social, political and psychological processes underpinning gender difference in psychological disorders
  • Promote the positive visibility and diversity of women and gender minorities in the organisation and celebrate their achievements

Committee Members

Role Name
Co-Chairs Patricia Murphy, Rachel Phillips
Secretary Bea Carrington
Branch Liaison Officer (Temporary cover) Siobhan Graham
Treasurer Sarah Rees
Ordinary Member & Publicity Lead Siobhan Graham
Ordinary Member Ann Moulds
Ordinary Member Romilly Gregory


Any BABCP member can join. To do so, please email us at babcp@babcp.com
To contact the committee, email us at womgene-sig@babcp.com