Compassion Special Interest Group


  • To provide a forum where the role of compassion in promoting wellbeing can be discussed and explored.

  • To explore the potential for a compassion focus to enhance recognised cognitive-behavioural protocols for common mental health problems.

  • To make available training in compassion-focused CBT.

  • To support and encourage research into compassion-focused CBT.

  • To participate in conferences.

  • To collaborate, cultivate and maintain active links with other individuals, groups and organisations in this developing field

Committee Members


Lisa Johnston and James Acland


Natalie Englander

Co-Branch Liaison

Lisa Johnston & James Acland


Hazel Miller

Ordinary Members

Megan Edwards

Connie Poon

Paul Sigel

Jessica Hottinger


If you wish to become a member of the SIG please email

If you wish to contact the SIG please do so via the Honourary Secretary using the details above.


BABCP is not responsible for the content of external websites. However, the following websites may be of interest:

(The Compassionate Mind Foundation, Paul Gilbert and his team. This website provides a wealth of information about CFT and maintains a collection of core research papers) (Dennis Tirch) (Christopher Germer) (Kristin Neff)

The SIG welcomes contact from any CBT practitioner seeking further information.


Compassion Special Interest Group

Thursday 14th March 2019

Compassion Focussed Staff Support and Supervision

Presented by Kate Lucre

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.