Cognitive-Behavioural Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP)
Special Interest Group


  • Widen members’ knowledge and understanding of the unique challenges facing patients and therapist working with Chronic Depression, and the unique way in which CBASP addresses these challenges.

  • Provide members with training opportunities in order to become familiar with the CBASP model and the specific methods related to delivering the approach to patients ranging from late teenage to older adult populations.

  • Provide group, individual and peer supervision and training opportunities, in accordance with the guidelines and professional standards of BABCP.

  • Disseminate information relating to the evidence base of CBASP, with reference to local, national and international research.

  • Establish a cohort of therapists who are proficient in the delivery of CBASP and would be able to contribute to future research and evaluation of the efficacy of CBASP in clinical practice in the UK.

Committee Members

Role Name
Chair Jonathan Linstead
Secretary Marianne Liebing-Wilson
Liaison Lambton Phillips
Treasurer Samantha Stables
Secretary elect Jennie Linstead

Ordinary Members

Carole Cronfield

Erin Graham

Fatima Mahomed

John Swan

Bob MacVicar

Laura Pack

Eleanor Morton

Massimo Tarsia

Michael O'Sullivan

Paul Kirsten

Ronnie Hogg


The CBASP Special Interest Group is free to join if you are a BABCP member. For more information, including how to join, please email