BABCP Fellowship Nominations

We are currently seeking applications from members to recognise their significant contribution to CBT. These awards will be held at our Annual Conference welcome reception in Bath on Tuesday 5 September 2019. Applications for the 2019 Fellowship awards will close on 15 July 2019.


The primary aim of the Fellowship is to recognise those members who have made a significant contribution to the development of CBT and BABCP.

A substantial contribution to CBT may be in areas of: (a) clinical service; and/or (b) research; and/or (c) teaching/training; and/or (d) service development; and/or (e) services to BABCP.

The award of 'Fellow of the BABCP' is reserved for those who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to the values and objectives of BABCP. It entitles recipients to use the title 'Fellow of the BABCP'.

All applications are lodged and judged against the criteria set for the Fellowship Award.

Additionally, where it is recognised that an applicant demonstrates within their application that they might be appropriate to receive an Honorary Fellowship, this recommendation is then forwarded for Board consideration.

The Board will recommend the approval of any Honorary Fellowship awards at the Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 4 September 2019.

The Fellowship Committee

  • David Veale (Chair)
  • Carol Brady
  • Francis Lillie
  • Howard Lomas
  • Philip Tata


Application should be made using the form below.