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December 2018

Inside this issue

- Helping clients while they wait for CBT

- Being human

- Can Wales thrive?

- No place like home

- Therapist’s experience of therapy

- Who benefits from cultural adaptations?

- Housing insecurity and mental health

- Deeds not words


CBT Today December 2018

September 2018

Inside this issue

- The Gulu Sheffield Partnership

- Special Edition of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

- A level playing field?

- Running to better health

- Tips for integrated IAPT services

- Revisiting approaches to CBT supervision

- Introducing the concept of good mental health to young teenagers


CBT Today September 2018

May 2018

Inside this issue

- Sitting comfortably?

- Behavioural therapy for tics

- A mental health model for schools

- Sofia so good - a look at this September's EABCT congress

- Blood-injection-injury phobias at Step 2

- Self-esteemers or self-accepters - teaching children confidence

- Improving access to patient-centricmental health care in low


CBT Today May 2018

February 2018

Inside this issue

- Low Intensity worker survey

- Making the most of a close working relationship with GPs

- CBT as part of a Weight Management Service

- Supervising CBT with minority groups

- Spot the difference: Comparing three approaches to CBT

- Supervising the Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

- All cards on the table


CBT Today February 2018

December 2017

Inside this issue

- Conversion Therapy

- Harnessing the energy of the Third Wave and beyond

- The ABC of CBT in a nutshell

- The importance of data collection, signposting and ‘appropriate’ awareness in working with sexual orientation

- So you think you understand behaviour?

- Health, work and IAPT

CBT Today December 2017

September 2017

Inside this issue

- Harnessing the energy of Third Wave and beyond - Part 1

- Positive signs - developing a specialist service for the Deaf community in Northern Ireland by Deborah Boyle

- Positive wellbeing for mums and mums to be - Alice Dennison talks about running a pilot group for perinatal patients in primary care

- Guyana Foundation

- Making mistakes - it's okay, say Jim Lucas and Richard Bennett

CBT Today September 2017

May 2017

Inside this issue

- From midwife to CBT psychotherapist

- An information processing model for postnatal depression

- Accreditation News

- The words don't work

- IT Blog

CBT Today May 2017

February 2017

Inside this issue

- Annual Conference

- Accreditation

- It's all about timing

- So long to SUDS

- Working as a BME CBT therapist

- What is Schema Therapy?

- BABCP: Special interest group versus profession

CBT Today February 2017

December 2016

Inside this issue

- Accreditation updates

- Refugee mental health

- Surviving work

- The transition years

- Northern PWP network

- The happiest place in the UK?

- Why do therapists remain in the NHS?

CBT Today December 2016

September 2016

Inside this issue

- Queering CBT

- Low values?

- Excellence awards

- Supporting university wellbeing services

- Is Wales any closer to an IAPT scheme?

CBT Today September 2016

April 2016

Inside this issue

- President’s message

- Situating Low Intensity CBT in today’s society

- Something’s got to give

- Obituary - Dr Joan Kirk

- Good medicine

CBT Today April 2016

February 2016

Inside this issue

- New year, new President

- 2016 Conference information

- IAPT services co-ordinate to help those affected by the Shoreham Disaster

- Providing care with a personality disorder

- News item

- Obituary - Dr Toni Whitehead

CBT Today February 2016

November 2015

Inside this issue

- Prescribing prose, not Prozac

- Establishing Guided Self-Help Groups

- Accreditation matters

- Retaining PWPs

- Introducing the BABCP Equality & Culture Special Interest Group

- Equality for mental health spending - an open letter

- Helping young people with chronic illness

CBT Today November 2015

September 2015

Inside this issue

- ‘Coercive’ therapy proposals for job centres

- Prestigious award for Guernsey CBT therapists

- Healing hidden wounds

- Message from the President

- Unmissable opportunity

CBT Today September 2015

May 2015

Inside this issue

- 2015 Conference season

- Helping men to talk about their 'State of Mind'

- Intensive training for PWPs

- Graphic approach to CBT

- Television first in Ireland

CBT Today May 2015

March 2015

Inside this issue

- 2015 Conference season

- More than a Dream

- Telling tales in CBT

- No more ‘Bonkers Bruno’

- A mind to torture

CBT Today March 2015

December 2014

Inside this issue

- BABCP, CBT and public involvement

- Collaborative solutions for children’s CBT

- Why we proposed the motion

CBT Today December 2014

September 2014

Inside this issue

- 10k membership milestone passed

- New era for Branches and Special Interest Groups

CBT Today September 2014

New Era Supplement

May 2014

Inside this issue

- BABCP member backs therapy revolution in Ukraine

- Inaugural CBT4Wales event

CBT Today May 2014

February 2014

Inside this issue

- The women's room

- Modern Mindfulness

- Advancing pan-African CBT

CBT Today February 2014

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