West Midlands Branch

Branch aims:

  1. To provide local, affordable and appealing CPD to suit a range of practitioner experiences, competences and aspirations. It was felt that this had been fully achieved.

  2. To provide an opportunity for local networking between CBT Practitioners. It was felt that this was fully achieved before during and after CPD events.

  3. To represent CBT Practitioners working with a range of client groups including Children & Adolescents, Forensic and Adult Services as well as both employed and independent settings. It was agreed that CPD events covered broad areas of interest, and employed and independent practitioners were represented on the committee. It was noted that we had not yet had specific forensic CPD events.

  4. To raise the profile of CBT within the region and to galvanise members’ interests. This was evident the very positive response to all of the CBT events that had been run over the last year.

  5. To share developments of the clinical applications of CBT including third wave approaches and to share service developments and projects demonstrating effective practice in the region. This needs more attention and we agreed to put it on the agenda for the next committee meeting.

  6. To liaise with the BABCP on important issues. Achieved

  7. To allow members to discuss important professional issues within the context of delivering CBT. Achieved

Elected Committee Members

Chair Jim Lucas
Treasurer Jo Gill
Secretary Paul Moloney
Branch Liaison Jane DeRooy
Publicity Joanna Grave
Evening Talks Co-Ordinator Richard Bennett

Ordinary Members

Alan Kessedijan

Glen Machlin

To contact the branch please email: west-midlands@babcp.com