CBT & Racism - What's all the fuss about?

Presented by Leila Lawton

About the event

This event is aimed at CBT Trainers. 

This event will take place on the Zoom meeting platform, and
will not be recorded so bookings are for live attendance only.

A certificate of attendance will be issued for 6 x hours CPD - 50/50 skills and theory.

Registration closes - Midday Wednesday 6 July. Places are limited though so book early to avoid disappointment.

A training which incorporates the historical context of racism and its relationship with our current Mental Health system. Equipping trainers to engender culture safety for CBT trainees and qualified accredited therapists. Modelling this with authenticity to equip the CBT workforce with competencies in inclusion. To move towards cultural safety, we "must be prepared to challenge [our] own culture & cultural systems rather than prioritise becoming ‘competent’ in the cultures of others."

The teaching will draw on emerging evidence underpinning the BAME Positive Practice Guide and various randomised controlled trials, systemic reviews and case studies/series. With some focus on qualitative work that is developing from IAPT services as a consequence of the BAME guide. It will consider concepts such as Critical Race Theory and Post racial society analysis.

How do we teach trainees to incorporate this into CBT formulations and interventions?

Aims / Objectives
To have confidence in teaching CBT trainee and qualified workforce; individual, clinical and systemic level barriers to access, retention, improved experiences and outcomes for people from ethnic backgrounds (ethnicities which are the Global Majority- though are a minority in the UK context & IAPT). To develop competence in teaching students to:

1. Recognise/improve awareness on the role Race plays in the teaching room, therapy room and our own living rooms. Racism in research** where's the evidence? **, in therapy and in the community

2. Why BAME? Experiential exercises embodying racism; the look, taste and feel of it.   


3. Why are we here? Why Now/Societal Context Mental health policy/ societal issues/Historical context/ Why does this matter?


4. Understanding the social construction of race and critical race theory.


5. Exploring the relationship between bias and engagement. Understanding therapeutic alliance through a racial lens. Cultivating curiosity versus unspoken assumptions- Reflexivity in motion-Exploring Stereotype- privilege and power as a dynamic


6. Understanding and confidence in implementing culturally sensitive, safe and adapted CBT

7. Introducing and explaining effects of micro aggressions; psychological injury


8. Considering commitments beyond the therapy or teaching room to continue the journey of growth in anti-racist practice perhaps a reading list can be proposed.

About the presenter(s)

Leila Lawton is a Mum of three, an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Equity Activist and Part time lecturer. Additionally, she chairs the South London & Maudsley NHS Trust psychology & psychotherapy (P&P) race equity working group and is a member of the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies Equality & Culture group.

Leila’s passion for people and inclusive clinical and research practice has been cultivated through 16 years combined experience within primary, secondary care and the third sector. Enhancing effectiveness of implementation of culturally congruent therapies.

Leila has lived experience of mental health difficulties as well as being a carer for others with mental health needs. Having experienced both oppression and discrimination, her lived experience ensures reflexivity, with knowledge of intersectionality and issues of power. She works to inform the evidence-base and policy to empower communities to inform the systems response to our healing.

Leila is committed to developing solutions through education to address systemic and structural racism, increasing BAME research participation and shaping policy for meaningful change. Creating equitable mental health provision for all, with a focus on Black African and Caribbean communities.

She has worked within Community Mental Health Teams, Learning Disability & Youth Offending Teams, Memory Clinics, In-patients wards and IAPT. She has developed expertise in delivering mental health training and psychotherapies.


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8 Jul 2022
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