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Can I get accredited if I train online?

Our requirements emphasise that therapeutic training involves learning interpersonal skills which are best learnt face to face and in an interactive environment. However, since the Coronavirus pandemic, our Minimum Training Standards(MTS - the criteria for Accreditation) has allowed for all CBT training to be completed online subject to these criteria -

The teaching must

  • be live – not recorded
  • offer the opportunity for discussion and questions
  • include small group work
  • incorporate skills development like demonstrations and role play
  • have a 50:50 ratio of theoretical to skills teaching

This will be subject to review and our Level 2 accredited courses require at least 50% of the teaching to be completed in person, unless there are specific courses with exemptions to this.

If you are searching for an online CBT course and want to become accredited using that training, you must make sure that the training meets all of our MTS, including clinical practice requirements, case studies, supervision hours and the CBT credentials of supervisors and trainers. The course must also be at post-graduate level (Level 11 in Scotland, Level 7 in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and Level 9 in Ireland) and validated by a Higher Education Institution.

Can I count remote clinical hours?

If you deliver sessions via video-conferencing, phone or online you can count these towards the 200 hours of CBT clinical practice required for Accreditation, however you must have had training in delivering therapy this way. 

You must have regular live supervision.  It’s possible to record and share most forms of remote therapy delivery.  Typed therapy should use transcripts for live supervision. 

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