Advertising conditions

Conditions of acceptance for advertisements

Orders for advertisement insertions in (but not limited to) CBT Today magazine, the BABCP website (, by email to BABCP members and/or in BABCP Conference delegate packs are accepted subject to the following conditions:

  1. Acceptance

The placing of an order for insertion of an advertisement shall amount to an acceptance of the following conditions. Stipulations on an advertiser’s or agency’s order form or elsewhere shall be void insofar as they are in conflict with the conditions as stated below.

  1. Legislation, Illegal Matter and Unacceptable Claims

All advertisements must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice, being legal, decent and honest, complying with all codes of the Advertising Standards Authority and complying with all requirements of current legislation. No advertisement will be accepted where it is claimed directly or inferentially that the product or service being advertised therein is endorsed or approved, or wording to that effect, by BABCP. Nor will an advertisement for a short course or other training event be accepted wherein it is claimed that attending the event will count towards BABCP Accreditation. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure this is the case.

  1. Position and Omission

The publisher does not guarantee any particular advertisement’s insertion on a specific position, or at all, although every effort will be made to comply with the wishes of advertisers.

  1. Cancellation by Advertiser

The publisher reserves the right to require 14 days’ notice of any cancellations of any order or any unexpired part of any order.

  1. Cancellation and Amendment by Publisher

The publisher reserves the right to cancel any order at any time by giving reasonable notice before the next insertion. In this event the advertiser/agent shall not be liable for any increased rate between the rates specified and agreed by the publisher in the order. The publisher also reserves the right to make any alterations to individual advertisements, and to require copy to be amended to meet its approval. 

  1. Errors

Although every advertisement is carefully checked, occasionally errors occur. We therefore ask advertisers to assist us by checking their advertisement carefully as soon as published, and to advise us immediately should an error occur. In the case of repeating / standing advertisements we regret that we cannot accept responsibility for more than one incorrect insertion. In the event of any error, misprint or omission (not being a matter covered by clause 5 above) the publisher will either re-insert the advertisement or the relevant part of the advertisement, as the case may be, or make a reasonable refund or adjustment to cost. Although the decision as to which of these options will be appropriate will be done in consultation with the advertisers, the Managing Editor will be responsible for the final decision. This will not apply where the error or misprint is the fault of the advertiser or agent, or where the error does not materially detract from the advertisement. No liability shall be accepted by the publisher or BABCP in respect of any loss or damage occasioned by the total or partial failure of publication or distribution of any Magazine, Website Advertising, Email or Delegate Pack Insertion in which any advertisement is scheduled to appear.

  1. Agencies

No agency discounts are given for advertisements placed with BABCP. The placing of any order by an advertiser or agent contributes an assurance that all necessary authority has been obtained in the placing of the advertisement by the person placing the advertisement in respect of the organisation or person represented in that advertisement. The advertiser or agent as the case may be further assures the publisher that any pictorial representations and text supplied are correct and any necessary permissions regarding the use of testimonials, photographs and copyright material and logos have been obtained by the advertiser, or agent, prior to the booking of the advertisement.

  1. Payment

Invoices for advertisements will be raised within seven days of publication and payment is due within 30 days of Invoice. Queries will not be accepted unless notified within 14 days of the invoice date.

  1. Warranties and Indemnities

The advertiser/agency agrees to indemnify the publisher and BABCP in respect of all costs, damages or other charges falling upon the Magazine, Website, Email or Delegate Pack Insertion as a result of legal actions or threatened legal actions arising from the publication of the advertisement, or any one or more of a series of advertisements, published in accordance with the copy instructions supplied to BABCP in pursuance of the advertiser/agency’s order. In any case where a claim is made against the Magazine, Website, Email or Delegate Pack Insertion, and the advertiser/advertising agency may ultimately be liable under the terms hereof, notice in writing shall be given to the advertiser/agency, and consultation shall take place before any material expenses are incurred or the claim is settled, or the case is defended or otherwise disposed.

  1. Liabilities

The publisher shall not be liable for damage to, or loss of artwork, shrinkage, or loss or damage (howsoever caused) alleged to have arisen through non publication of any advertisement, or any total or partial failure (howsoever caused) of publication or distribution of any Magazine, Website Advertisement, Email or Delegate Pack Insertion, or loss or damage alleged to have risen through delays in forwarding the replies to box numbers however caused.

  1. Copyright

The copyright for all purposes of all artwork and other materials which the publisher or its employees have contributed to or reworked shall vest in the publisher.


Please note: if you are supplying artwork with a logo, you should also supply a separate jpg file of the logo where possible.

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