CWP Supervisor's Reports
Wellbeing Practitioner Registration

​CWP Supervisor's Reports

Supervisor Credentials

All CWP Supervisors (Case Management and Clinical Skills) are expected to be trained in the delivery of Low Intensity interventions/CBT-informed interventions.

All supervisors should be competent in the delivery of core CWP interventions and outcome measures as set out in the CWP curriculum, as well as holding an overview of caseloads and agreeing actions, ensuring high fidelity to the supervisees role and interventions provided, efficiency, and safety within a supervisee’s clinical practice.

Supervisors must also be currently practicing and utilising CBT-informed approaches. All supervisors should have attended, or currently be undertaking the CWP/EMHP supervisor (PG Certificate or CPD) or Senior Wellbeing Practitioner G/PG Diploma training programme, provided by one of the nationally commissioned training providers. If supervisors have not completed or are not currently undertaking this training, they must have at least two years' experience of providing supervision to CWPs.

Supervisors should have a minimum of two years’ experience as a Child and Young Person’s Mental Health professional which can include providing clinical, therapeutic, or consultative practice within a CYP population.

Supervision Requirements

CWPs are expected to continue to receive:

  • A minimum of one hour per fortnight of Case Management Supervision.
  • A minimum of one hour per fortnight Clinical Skills Supervision (first six months post qualification experience) and one hour per month Clinical Skills Supervision (after six months post qualification experience) should be received.

Clinical Skills Supervision can be delivered in group or individual format. If delivered in group format, this should include a maximum of 4 supervisees for a minimum of 30 minutes per supervisee.

Who should submit your report?

One CWP Supervisor’s Report is required and should be submitted before you apply for CWP Registration. This should be from your current CWP Clinical Skills Supervisor.

If your case manager provides clinical skills as part of your ongoing case management supervision, then they can complete the report.

If your current Clinical Skills Supervisor has been supervising you for less than six months, you must additionally provide a CWP Supervisor's Report from your previous Clinical Skills Supervisor or your current Case Management Supervisor.

Supervisors should send the report directly to within one month of the Application being made. If we do not receive a completed application for registration with payment within one calendar month of receiving a Supervisor's Report, the application and report will be deleted.


Download - CWP Supervisor's Report [Word]

Evidence of good practice will be assessed based on the CWP Supervisor’s Report provided, including -

  • an understanding and appropriate practice of the development, maintenance and ending of therapeutic relationship
  • your general competency, skills and attitudes to practice CWP and CBT principles
  • your adherence to the Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics
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