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Advanced Practice of CBT-I

25th - 27th October 2019


The Edinburgh Training and Conference Centre
16 St Mary’s Street


Michael Perlis PhD, Donn Posner PhD, Jason Ellis PhD

Program Overview

The purpose of this educational activity is to provide advanced training to clinical psychologists, social workers, PhD/NP level nurses and physicians in the practice of CBT-I. The workshop is roughly evenly split between didactics and active learning exercises. The learning exercises (Day 2 & 3) include e.g., case presentations and role plays. The lectures (Day 1& 2) cover several topics including advanced models of insomnia, actigraphy, interpreting PSG reports, alternative treatment strategies (e.g., sleep compression, bright light treatment, etc.), alternative treatment delivery modes (e.g. group, telehealth, etc.) and issues regarding medication titration. The programme should position clinicians to more effectively deal with complex issues and cases. This training, along with other CE workshops, supervised practice, a past case load of 10 or more cases, and a reasonable programme of self-study (readings and videos) should adequately prepare individuals for the certification exams.

Course Elegibility

Registrants must have:

  1. taken a Basic CBT-I workshop (via SleepScience or from the programs at Oxford University; Freiburg University; The University of Pennsylvania; Ryerson University, or on-line with PESI, CBT-I Educational Products, or the Jacobs program and,
  2. treated 3 to 5 patients (recommended but not essential).

Others may be eligible but this requires a clear demonstration of formal training (e.g., a rotation during internship that focused on the assessment and treatment of insomnia). Those who wish to establish eligibility should write Lisa Wood at:

Case Submissions

We would like to ask for attendees to consider submitting a case study report for this course. Why should you do such a crazy thing? First, submitting a case is easy to do. If you elect to submit a case (and do so on or before the deadline), you just need follow our template to create a simple Power Point presentation that you will then present at the course. We try to present every case we receive, but if we receive too many submissions, we will select cases based on content and the best training possibilities for the group. Please know that your presentation at the workshop should require nothing more or less than you have done many times before simply presenting the facts of the case and stating what you did. We will take it from there. These presentations are meant to be instructive for you, the other attendees, and for us. These presentations form the core of what the Advanced Course is about and we greatly appreciate the effort expended by attendees who join us as presenters. One need not present to attend the course. Ideally, up to 10 attendees will elect to present cases. Cases due by 1 September 2019.


For registration and further information contact Lisa Wood

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