Supervision Guidance

Qualifications of Supervisors

Supervision should be provided by a BABCP Accredited Practitioner or  a practitioner who is trained and qualified in CBT to Postgraduate Diploma level (or would meet the Minimum Training Standards. They should currently be practicing CBT for at least 50% of their own psychotherapeutic practice and be receiving specifically CBT supervision.

Amounts of Supervision, including Live Supervision

Accredited practitioners should be receiving regular CBT supervision appropriate to your case-load and level of expertise. For a full time clinical practice, this should a minimum of one and a half hours per month of individual supervision. This can mean an average, providing the contact is regular.

For those working less than half time clinical work, it is acceptable to pro-rata the overall amount of supervision time to 45 mins or one hour.

All time spent in group or peer supervision will count providing the group has no more than six members; all group members must present their own material regularly, and you must have an opportunity for individual supervision should it be needed, or quickly available alternative supervision, e.g. advice in a crisis situation. The minimum of one and a half hours of group supervision alone would not be sufficient for a full-time experienced clinician.  Eg provision may need to be made for episodes of live supervision or other reasons either within individual or additional group sessions.

Practitioners should have regular episodes of live sampling in supervision. This should be shown within supervision logs and Supervisor’s Reports submitted with Provisional, Full and Re-instatement Applications as well as at Reaccreditation Audit

Types and Methods of Supervision

Types of Supervision may be individual, peer, in a CBT Supervision Group, by Video Conferencing eg Skype, Microsoft Messenger, telephone, or by e-mail. There should be face-to-face contact on occasions, but this includes Video Conferencing.

In addition to supervision of  cases using "core CBT", supervision provided by CBT practitioners who specialise in the following cognitive and/or behavioural approaches is acceptable for Accreditation and Reaccreditation, provided the supervision they offer reflects the approach(es) you use within your own practice: 

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), EMDR, Cogntive-Behavioural Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP), Control Theory, Schema Therapy.

EMDR is accepted as CPD but EMDR supervision is not accepted for Accreditation.  Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) is not accepted for Accreditation or CPD.

CBT Clinical Supervision is not the same as professional consultancy, professional or managerial supervision (although the latter two may be provided by the same person as Clinical Supervision).

Supervision Logs

It is recommended that records of all supervision sessions are kept. The contemporaneous use of the Supervision Log for Full Accreditaton or Provisional Reinstatement, or the Collaborative Supervision Summary for Reaccreditation Audit is highly recommended.  These logs will be required at submission. At Provisional Accreditation, the Supervision Logs are incorporated into the Application Form. 

Supervisor’s Reports

Supervisor's Reports are required with Provisional (not Level 2) and Full Accreditation Applications as well as Full Re-instatement Applications and if invited for Reaccreditation Audit. They should be supplied by your current supervisor. If you have been with your current supervisor for less than six months, you should also supply one by your previous supervisor.

Supervisory Supervision

Accredited supervisors and those applying for Supervisor Accreditation should be receiving appropriate levels of supervision for their supervisory practice – equivalent to 5% of their supervisory caseload or one hour per month. Their supervisory supervisor should provide a Supervisory Reference with an application and if invited for Reaccreditation Audit.

Training Supervision

Accredited trainers  and those applying for Trainer Accreditation should be receiving appropriate levels of support or supervision for their delivery of training – equivalent to a minimum level of two hours per year. Their training supervisor should provide a Trainer Reference Form with an application and if invited for Reaccreditation Audit.