About Annual Online Declaration

About Annual Reaccreditation Declaration

Accredited members must make an annual Declaration to maintain their entry on the CBT Register UK and Ireland once they have achieved Full Accreditation.

We will send you a link to download the Declaration form. Please return the completed form to declarations@babcp.com

What am I declaring?

You will be asked to confirm the following:

  • That you are in current CBT practice in the UK, its territories or Ireland, or that you are out of practice for one year or less
  • That you follow our Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics
  • That you have fulfilled the required standards of CBT supervision and CPD
  • That you declare any criminal or disciplinary cases against you

Members with Supervisor and/or Trainer and dual AREBT accreditations will also tick boxes to confirm that they are meeting the requirements for those awards.

What if I can't meet all the Reaccreditation requirements in time?

Time off and Reaccreditation

What if don't make the declaration?

We will send you an additional reminder. If you do not submit your Declaration within 28 days, your accreditation will lapse, and you will be removed from the Register.

If we find evidence that you have made any inaccurate declarations or false statements, your accreditation will lapse and we will recommend that the BABCP Board removes your membership.

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