Electronic Submissions for BABCP Provisional Accreditation application and KSA portfolio

These instructions explain how to securely upload your accreditation application and evidence using SharePoint. These supersede the submission instructions on the Provisional and KSA application guidelines documents. 

If you have completed a Level 2 Provisional Application, please send it to us following the instructions on the application form – you don’t need to use the SharePoint process as described here.

Step 1: Request a link

Send an email to


  • your name
  • your membership number
  • the type of application that you are applying for – i.e. Provisional Accreditation or Provisional Accreditation with KSA portfolio

If your KSA has been assessed on a BABCP accredited course, just make a Provisional Application. If you are submitting your KSA with your application, both must be uploaded at the same time.

Step 2: Receive the link

The accreditation team create a SharePoint account for you and email you the link. This will usually happen within seven days. You must submit your application within seven days of receiving the link.

Step 3: Work out how to validate the identity of third parties

The existing guidelines for both the Provisional Accreditation application and KSA state that all references, reports and countersignatures provided by third parties should be signed by them. This provides validation of their identity, and the truth of the document. We understand this may not be possible at the moment, so here are some options for how these contributors can provide this validation in the current circumstances.

  • They provide an electronic signature on the document 
  • They print off the last page of the document, sign it, scan it and email it to you with the rest of the document. 
  • If the above are not possible, they can email the document to with their name typed in the signature box. They must name the document/s they are sending within the body of the email.

Eg 1. Subject: Supervisor report for [your name] 

Email body: Please find attached my supervisor’s report 

Eg 2. Subject: Supervisor Report and Criterion 10 

Email body: Please find attached my supervisor’s report and my reference for Criterion 10 of your KSA.

You can then drag and drop the email as well as the relevant document into the SharePoint folders – as described below.

  • For Provisional Accreditation applications only, the Supervisor’s Report and the Professional Reference can be emailed to us directly. This must be within one month of you submitting your application. There is guidance for this within the Provisional Accreditation Guidelines

Step 4: Organise your Documents ready for upload Provisional Accreditation application:

Your documents must be clearly named so that the accreditation team can process the application. Here are some examples of how to name your files:

  • “Provisional Application + [your name]”
  • “Evidence 3a i - PG Diploma Certificate”
  •  “Evidence 3f ii - case study mark sheet”
  • “Supervisor’s Report”
  • “Professional Reference”
  • “Evidence 3a”

KSA Portfolio for KSA route applicants

If you have a Core Profession, please skip to Step 5. 

If you had your KSA portfolio signed off on a BABCP Level 1 Accredited course, please submit a copy of your KSA marksheet within the Provisional Application Folder B (see below). You will not need to submit anything in the KSA folders – please skip to Step 3.

All KSA evidence must be labelled and cross-referenced within the KSA Portfolio pages. Often, one piece of evidence is used to meet several criteria. The name of the document should reflect this if possible. Within the document itself, label the top right corner with the criteria it supports.

For example:

  • Training course Certificate – Criteria 1, 2, & 4
  • Criterion 1: Self statement
  • Criterion 14: Reference, Biography

There is further guidance on labelling your portfolio in the KSA Guidelines. Any additional information which you think it will be helpful for the Accreditors to know can be included in Folder G – “Other information…”. The accreditation team won’t be able to process Portfolios which are not clearly labelled and cross-referenced. We will get in touch if you need to update your submission.

Step 5: Upload your application and supporting documents

When you click on the link to your SharePoint account, you will see a page with a list of the folders which are ready for you to upload your documents and evidence. It looks like this:

Click on a folder to open it and drag and drop the relevant documents into it. If you accidentally put a document into the wrong folder, it is easy to delete and add again, you can also rename files if required. The destination folders for your documents are described below. Some folders have subfolders within them – access these by clicking on the folder. You may be asked to resubmit if your files are not located in the correct folders.

Sharepoint Folders for Submission

These are the names of the folders which will be sent to you when you receive your Sharepoint link.  

If you are submitting a Condensed KSA, only include the required Criteria in KSA Folder 2. Please mark N/A next to those not needed in your KSA Checklist in KSA Folder 1.  

*indicates sections which may not apply to all applicants

Folder A. Application Form 

Folder B. Evidence - Criterion 1 - Core Professional Training Certificate/s evidence or KSA marksheet 

Labels - 1A,1B,1C etc 

Folder C. Evidence - Criterion 3 

Subfolders – 

C I - Main CBT course Training Certificate 

C ii Criterion 3A - Evidence of Theory/Skills from Core Profession

Training * 

Labels - 3A1, 3A2, 3A3 etc

C iii Criterion 3B – Evidence of CBT Placements * 

Labels - 3B1, 3B2, 3B3 etc 

C iv Criterion 3C – Evidence of Taught CBT Recognised Specialist Training 

Labels - 3C1, 3C2, 3C3 etc 

C v Criterion 3D – Evidence of Self Directed Study Prescribed - CBT Components Core Training &C BT specialist Training 

Labels - 3D1, 3D2, 3D3 etc 

C vi Criterion 3E – Evidence of other CBT CPD Training * 

Labels - 3E1, 3E2, 3E3 etc 

C vii Criterion 3F – Evidence of Supervised Clinical Practice in CBT Training 

Labels - 3F1, 3F2, 3F3 etc

Folder D. Supervisors Report(s) 

If your supervisor is emailing their report directly to, please include a note as a Word document confirming this here. 

Folder E. Professional Reference 

If your referee is emailing their report directly to, please include a note as a Word document confirming this here. 

Folder F. Other information/evidence/additional sheets * 

KSA Portfolios including Evidence*

Folder 1 – KSA Checklist 

Folder 2 - Criteria 1-14 – statements and references 

Folder 3 - Evidence for all Criteria 


3 i Training Course Certificate/s 

3 ii References (Criterion 11-13 mandatory) 

3 iii Self Directed Study Record/s 

3 iv Course/Job admission criteria 

Folder 4 - Biography 

Folder 5 - Additional Information * 

Step 6. Submit

Once you have dragged and dropped all the files into the folders, please email the accreditation team to let them know you have completed your submission. Accreditation Admin will acknowledge the receipt of your application usually within seven days. They will also give you instructions for how to pay your application fee. 

Step 7. Your application is processed 

The accreditation process takes an average of 18 weeks. Applications with KSAs can take up to 22 weeks, particularly at busy times. We will let you know the outcome by email. If you have waited longer than 18 weeks since your submission, you can contact for an update on your application.

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