Proof of Accreditation

CBT Register UK

The CBT Register UK and Ireland is a list of all members accredited with BABCP, both full and provisional.

You will appear on the CBT Register UK once you have Provisional Accreditation and will remain there unless you lapse your accreditation, including during extensions and during the processing of accreditation applications and reaccreditation declarations and audits. Accreditation does not “expire” – several attempts at contact will be made before an accreditation is lapsed.

Provisional Accreditation does not denote a lesser form of accreditation than Full – it is simply the first year of accreditation at the end of which CPD and supervision are monitored by way of the Full Accreditation application. This is to ensure accredited therapists maintain good practices in these areas.

Full Register Listing

If you work privately and wish to have an enhanced listing which will give your contact details and links to your email and website if appropriate, this costs £110 a year. Please complete the form below and email it to

Full Listing Application Form


Certificates are issued at Full Accreditation only, however they are not proof of ongoing Accreditation and the Register is the only up to date and accurate method of validating your accreditation status. Employers, members of the public or other bodies wishing to check this should be directed to the Register at “Find a Therapist” on the public area of the BABCP website.

In the rare event of evidence of Accreditation being required on paper, letters can be requested from the via There is a £10 administration charge for this.

Dates on Register

The Register shows the date of your Provisional Accreditation until you achieve your Full Accreditation, at which point the latter award date is shown. You will be then due to reaccredit on the same date as you obtained your Full Accreditation every year (ie the date on the Register), unless you have subsequently become accredited as a supervisor and/or trainer. In this case, you will reaccredit on the anniversary of your latest accreditation.

If you reinstate your accreditation after lapsing, the Register will show your Reinstatement date, not your original Accreditation date.