Maternity, Sickness, Sabbatical & Other Leave

Accreditation is of current practice. Members are required to be in practice at the time of Accreditation application, Reaccreditation and Reaccreditation Audit.

Definition of Leave of Absence

Members are entitled to take time out from clinical and supervised practice. You are not expected to demonstrate any supervision or CPD during this time.

This may be for Maternity/Paternity, Practice Leave, Sabbaticals, Sick Leave, or any other time you take away from CBT clinical practice.

This section does not refer to normal holiday entitlement or brief sick leave.

For accreditation purposes, extended periods in which you are not practising CBT for at least 50% of your psychotherapeutic practice should be noted by BABCP as a leave of absence.

Similarly, if, for an extended period, you are not receiving ongoing supervision from a BABCP accredited practitioner, or someone who would meet the criteria for accreditation please inform of a break in supervised practice.

Please see Supervision for further information on this.

Hence even if you are still at work, perhaps in a managerial or supervisory role, if you do not have at least two CBT client contacts a week, or if CBT is not your main therapeutic modality, please advise BABCP Accreditation of a leave of absence from CBT clinical practice.

Duration of Leave of Absence

Leaves of absence may last up to two years. After that time, the member would be requested to lapse their accreditation and apply for Reinstatement of Accreditation.

Notifying BABCP

When an extended period of leave is known to be coming up, members should contact the BABCP via giving the dates of the start of the leave and, if known, return to practice dates. Please quote your membership number and name.

The time out of practice will then be simply discounted in terms of working out due dates and requirements within the Accreditation or Reaccreditation processes. You are not expected to do CPD or receive supervision while you are off.

Accreditation Liaison staff are well experienced in adapting to individual circumstances in this process, so do please email if you have any questions.

Leave of Absence during Provisional Year

If you are provisionally accredited, the due date for your Full Accreditation will be extended so you can show twelve months of supervised practice – the twelve months don’t have to be consecutive.

Leave of Absence and Reaccreditation

If you are fully accredited, you will not be invited to make your online declaration for Reaccreditation whilst you are on leave - you will remain accredited and be invited to reaccredit twelve months later. Your Reaccreditation date will usually be on the anniversary of your full accreditation.

Please see About Online Declaration for further information.

If you are selected for Random Audit of Reaccreditation, you will be asked to submit twelve months details of CPD and supervision. If you have been on leave of absence during the twelve months, please note this on the submitted forms – you will not be expected to demonstrate any CPD or supervision in that time.

You should, however, be in practice at the time of audit. For this reason, it is important to let know if you anticipate being on a leave of absence. If BABCP is unaware of your leave and you are invited for audit during this time, you will be given a new audit date once you have returned to work.

Please see Reaccreditation Audit.