Want to train in CBT?

Guidance on how to start your postgraduate training is at Training in CBT

Do you have a background in mental health?

Check if you have a Core Profession. These are specific qualifications in mental health which you need prior to your CBT Training.

Otherwise, please read through the KSA Guidelines. You will need to complete a KSA portfolio if you don't have core profession.

If there are some KSA criteria you don't meet, you can work on getting training and/or experience which will allow you to meet them.

If you don't have any mental health training or experience at all, you will need to get this under your belt this before you can start on CBT training or an accreditation application.

Which CBT training?

If you completed a Level 2 BABCP Accredited Course, go straight to L2 Provisional Accreditation Application.

If you completed any other CBT training, continue with the guidance on this page.

Read the Guidelines

Read through Provisional Accreditation Guidelines. This will take time but it is the only way for you to find out if you meet the criteria for accreditation and prepare to complete the application.

You may find it helpful to also refer to the Minimum Training Standards (MTS) , particularly the at-a-glance version.

What if I need to top up my training to meet the requirements? 

Gather evidence and start completing the form

Collect evidence of your training, trainers credentials, case studies and supervised cases. The Provisional Accreditation Guidelines will give you more information on what is needed. 

Start filling in the Provisional Accreditation Application Form. Don't expect to do it in one go! Look at the example within the Guidelines.

Get help if needed

Accreditation Liaison Officers are experienced in helping with specific enquiries about your application at any stage of the process. It can be a good idea to discuss your application with your supervisor or team leader if appropriate. Contact Accreditation

Ask for Reports and References

Ask your supervisor to complete a Supervisor's Report. If you have been with your current supervisor for less than six months, ask for one from your previous supervisor too.

Find another CBT practitioner to provide your Professional Reference. They should know your current practice.

Examples of how to fill in both of these are on the Provisional Accreditation page.

Either your Supervisor's Report or Professional Reference should be from a BABCP member.

Submit your Application

The Instructions for online submission include details of how to submit and pay for your application. It also provides alternatives to signatures if your supervisor or referee(s) are not able to provide them.

The process takes an average of eighteen weeks from the date you pay.

Accreditors review your Application

Your application will go to two Accreditors. They will contact you if they have any questions about your application.

More details about what happens to your application are at Application Progress Check.

Provided the Accreditors are happy with your application, you will receive an email saying you are provisionally accredited and your name will appear on the CBT Register.

Once you're accredited...

One year on - apply for Full Accreditation.

This will be due twelve months after you gained Provisional Accreditation, but it's worth checking the Full Accreditation Guidelines straight away so you can start keeping your supervision and CPD logs. 

Post Accreditation Guidance gives you some further practical pointers. 

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