Can I get accredited?

  • Do I have the right background? Prior to your CBT training you should have a background in the caring or social care professions which includes training and experience in mental health. You must have worked accountably in this or another mental health role for at least a year before you apply for accreditation with us.
  •  We have a list of recognised Core Professions which we accept as an appropriate and required background for CBT training. We also recognise an equivalent experience through the KSA route - Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes - KSA
  • No mental health training yet? You can find some advice in our Careers and Training Section - What background do I need to train in CBT? 
  • No post-graduate CBT training yet? Please go to Training in CBT
  • Does my CBT training meet the accreditation requirements? The Minimum Training Standards (MTS) are our criteria for accreditation. There are a number of different routes to achieving this- 

Possible CBT training routes to Accreditation

  • Level 2 BABCP Accredited Courses – these meet all the MTS and provide the most straightforward route to accreditation.
  • Level 1 Accredited courses - you will need to complete some additional requirements to meet the MTS after one of these courses
  • Non-accredited courses - eg a post-graduate diploma in CBT, a clinical psychology doctorate with a substantial CBT component, a CBT training course completed in another country.  
  • A combination of substantial post-graduate University-validated CBT training courses

How do I work out if I meet the MTS?

Unless you have completed a Level 2 course, it is for you to compare your training with the MTS. You will need course handbooks, curricula, timetables etc for this. If this is difficult, there are other Getting Accredited FAQs which will also help you with this.  

We can't work this out for you but we can help you with specific questions - please contact  

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