First Accreditation Audit

First Accreditation Audit 

You must submit your First Accreditation Audit application 12 months from the date of award of Accreditation as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist. If you do not apply, or do not meet the annual standards for Accreditation, you will no longer be accredited and your details will be removed from the CBT Register UK and Ireland.


To apply for First Accreditation Audit, you must -

  • hold current Accreditation as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
  • adhere to our Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics
  • be a resident of the UK, its territories or Ireland
  • be accountable for your CBT clinical practice
  • show 12 months of supervised CBT practice since being awarded Accreditation, as described in CBT Practice Guidance
  • provide evidence of and Reflective Statements on five pieces of CBT Continuing Professional Development including at least six hours of CBT skills workshops, as described in CPD Guidance. You can count CPD completed between applying for and receiving your Accreditation award. Include a note with the application explaining this.
  • be receiving adequate CBT supervision, including at least two episodes of live supervision. You can find more details in Supervision Guidance.
  • be supervised by an appropriate supervisor - please see Supervisor's Credentials
  • provide a Supervisor's Report from your current supervisor
  • sign all the Declarations.

If you take time off or are out of the country in your first Accreditation year, we will extend your First Accreditation Audit due date by up to two years so that you can meet the criteria. You must let us know about this by submitting an extension request form.

Application Form and Guidelines

First Accreditation Audit - Application Form and Guidelines [Word]

Supervisor's Report

This must be completed by your current CBT clinical supervisor. This document should be completed and signed within one month prior to your application submission. If you have been supervised by your current supervisor for less than six months, your previous supervisor should also provide a report.

Supervisor's Report [Word]

CPD and Reflective Statements

You are expected to give evidence of five CBT CPD activities drawn from across the range of learning and development activities. These will have been completed in the 12 months since you were awarded Accreditation. One of these may be a non-CBT specific activity provided that you can justify on your Reflective Statement how it is appropriate to your practice.

Within this, you are required to include at least six hours of CBT skills workshop(s) per year and complete a Reflective Statement for each of these. This can be one workshop or a number of shorter ones.

Acceptable CPD activities and evidence

Reflective Statements are best completed soon after completing each activity.

CPD Reflective Statement Form [Word]

Clinical Supervision Log Book

You must provide your log book for the 12 months since you were awarded Accreditation.

If you have had a break in practice for more than six weeks during your Accreditation period, you should submit an extension request form and show the supervised practice either side of your time off.

Log Book - CBT Clinical Supervision [Word]

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