Extended Practitioner Accreditation

as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

About Extended Practitioner Accreditation

The title is available to members who are supervising and/or teaching on Level 2 BABCP Accredited courses only, and who have permanently retired from practising CBT.

It will apply for a period of two years, after which you would be asked to lapse your accreditation.

If you have retired but are supervising and/or teaching in settings other than a Level 2 course, or you are taking a temporary leave of absense e.g. sabbatical, maternity or sickness, you will not be eligible for Extended Accreditation. However, you are advised to notify accreditation@babcp.com of a leave of absence from clinical practice. You can then remain accredited in this way for up to two years before being asked to lapse.

It is an easy process to apply for Reinstatement of Accreditation, if you decide to return practice at any time after lapsing.

Alternatively, as detailed in CBT Practice Guidelines, you only need to have two client facing hours a week to be considered in practice for accreditation purposes, so you may wish to consider maintaining a small practice in order to stay accredited.


  • you must be teaching and/or supervising on a BABCP Level 2 accredited course
  • you must be permanently ceasing, or retiring from CBT clinical practice
  • you must be a BABCP accredited practitioner
  • maximum duration: two years, after which you will be asked to lapse your accreditation

Making an Application

Please send your request to accreditation@babcp.com with the subject line “Extended practitioner accreditation”, stating when you ceased clinical practice.

Please provide information on how many hours of ongoing practice in supervision and/or training you expect to be providing and with which course(s) you are associated.