Extended Practitioner Accreditation

21 October 2016

Expressions of interest are invited for a new title which is being offered by the Association of ‘Extended Practitioner Accreditation’.

The title will be available to applicants whose CBT Practitioner Accreditation has lapsed by virtue of their ceasing clinical practise, but who are continuing to offer supervision and/or training. It will apply for a period of two years from the date of the last client session or from formal notification to relinquish accreditation.

Please note: There will also be a restriction to individuals who are providing supervision/training on Accredited courses, since these are the only circumstances in which CBT Practitioner Accreditation is actually a requirement. All other supervisors and trainers whose Accreditation has lapsed will continue to be able to provide those services.

To avoid any misunderstanding, this new service is NOT restricted to those who are Supervisor and/or Trainer Accredited, though of course these would also lapse in the event of stopping clinical practice.

Please send your request to the BABCP Accreditation Liaison Officers at accreditation@babcp.com with the subject line “Extended practitioner accreditation” in the first instance, stating when you ceased clinical practice and when would like the two year period to commence. Please provide information on how many hours of ongoing practice in supervision and/or training you expect to be providing and with which course(s) you are associated.

Thank you for your interest.

Accreditation Services
October 2016