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Extended Practitioner Accreditation

The title is available to members who have recently taken permanent and complete retirement from CBT practice but who wish to stay accredited in order to continue providing CBT supervision or training in any setting.

It will apply for a period of two years from your last day of clinical practice, after which you would be asked to lapse your accreditation. If you initially took a leave of absence and then apply for Extended Accreditation, the latter will be backdated to the last day of your clinical practice.

It is not a requirement for Extended Practitioner Accreditation to have CPD or supervision however it is advisable, for the benefit of your supervisees, that you stay up to date with CBT research through reading and/or workshops and you may wish to receive supervisory supervision.

Alternatively, as detailed in CBT Practice Guidance, you only need to have two client facing hours a week to be considered in practice for accreditation purposes, so you may wish to consider maintaining a small practice in order to stay accredited.


  • you must be providing CBT supervision and/or training in any setting
  • you must be permanently ceasing, or retiring from CBT clinical practice
  • you must be a BABCP accredited practitioner
  • maximum duration: two years, after which you will be asked to lapse your accreditation

Making an Application

Please send your request to with the subject line “Extended Practitioner Accreditation”, stating when you ceased clinical practice.

Please provide information on how many hours of ongoing practice in supervision and/or training you expect to be providing and in which setting.


There is a £25 application fee. Upon receipt of your application we will call to request this by card

Your annual £45 Accreditation maintenance fee will still be required during your Extended Practitioner period. This will be due at the same time each year as you have paid it in the past.