KSA Guidelines

KSA Guidelines

Guidelines for assembling KSA Portfolios

Please ask your referees to use this guidance to help prepare their reference. 

Payment and Submission of KSA Portfolios

Please follow the link below for instructions on how to submit and pay for your application for Practitioner Accreditation and KSA portfolio.


Please use this guidance where a signature, proof of identity or validation of a document is required

KSA documents

KSA Pass Verification

When your application for accreditation is fully assessed, we consider both the application and the KSA portfolio. If your application doesn't yet meet our standards, but your portfolio does we issue a KSA Pass Verification certificate, which is valid for any future application for accreditation. When you re-apply for accreditation, you can supply this certificate. You should pay the Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist Accreditation application fee, but will not need to resubmit the KSA portfolio or pay the KSA fee again. 

If your application is withdrawn at triage and not fully assessed (including where a fee has been partially refunded) we will not be able to provide a KSA Pass Verification Certificate.   

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