Close Supervision Guidelines

Close Supervision Guidelines for Supervisors


This is a guide for providing close supervision to supervisees intending to apply for Practitioner Accreditation.

These may be graduates of BABCP Accredited Level 1 or non-accredited courses seeking to make up a shortfall in closely supervised cases to meet the Minimum Training Standards (MTS).  Graduates of Level 2 accredited programmes will have already met these requirements. 

This guidance should be read in conjunction with Section 7 (pages 11-12) of the MTS.

For guidance on supervision requirements for accredited practitioners, please see here

What is “close supervision?”

The MTS and the CBT Practitioner Accreditation application define “close” or “live” supervision as when the supervisor observes clinical practice by sitting on a session as it happens or reviewing a video or audio recording of a session.  

You must be satisfied that your supervisee has obtained appropriate consent from the client.

A Suitable Supervisor

We expect supervisors to be BABCP accredited CBT practitioners.  In exceptional circumstances you can provide supervision to potential accreditation applicants if you meet all the following criteria:

qualified in CBT to at least postgraduate level or have an international qualification and accreditation in CBT, such as EABCT (European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies) accreditation
have CBT training and experience which would meet our Minimum Training Standards 
be providing Cognitive and/or Behavioural therapies as their main - or one of their main - therapeutic models in clinical practice 
be receiving specifically CBT supervision and ongoing CBT CPD
have adequate experience of working with the client group, presentations and cognitive/behavioural approaches of the cases brought to supervision 
be familiar with and act in accordance with our Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.  

Closely Supervised Training Cases for Accreditation

Applicants must provide evidence that they have been assessed as competent on three closely supervised cases using a validated CBT skills assessment scale e.g. CTS-R or ACCS on entire sessions
You must be trained in using the scale as an assessor
The cases must cover a range of presentations including at least two anxiety disorders or one anxiety disorder and one “trauma and stressor-related” disorder as well as one mood disorder
Interventions must be based on core CBT evidence-based protocols with reference to the Core Curriculum
Applicants must have received at least five hours of clinical supervision on each of these cases, and more if needed. This may have been in individual or group supervision.

Evidence of Closely Supervised Cases

This can be provided by any of the following:
Your signatures on the relevant rows of section 3f of the application form
A copy of the marked CTS-R or suitable rating scale which indicates competence e.g. total CTS-R score of 36 or above
A statement from you which you have either signed or sent from an email address which we can verify is yours

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