Supervision requirements on Level 2 Accredited Courses

Level 2 Course Supervisor Credentials

All supervisors are BABCP accredited practitioners.

Types and methods of supervision

Your Level 2 course will provide both individual and group supervision. This will vary depending on the course but you should receive at least 5 individual supervision hours during training. This as a recommendation for the courses not a specific accreditation requirement.

Amounts and Types of Supervision

IAPT Level 2 Courses require a total of 70 hours and non-IAPT Level 2 courses specify 40 hours supervision. 

Group supervision hours are calculated using this formula, which is specific to Level 2 courses –

  • The time spent in the group is divided by the number of participants in the group, and this time is then doubled.
  • For example, if there are four participants in the group, and the group meets for two hours, the formula would be –
  • 2 hours divided by 4 people = 30 minutes x 2 = 1-hour equivalent group supervision time. 

Time spent discussing a particular case in group supervision is multiplied by two. For example, if there are four participants in a one-hour group, 15 minutes might be spent discussing each case - 

  • 15 minutes x 2 = 30 minutes’ equivalent case supervision time. 

Your course will help you with these calculations.

Close Supervision

You must show that you have had a minimum of three closely supervised cases during training.

These cases will have been assessed as satisfactory through video or audio recording or live observation. A validated CBT assessment scale must be used – your course will give you details of this.

These cases must have been supervised for at least 5 hours or individual equivalent in group settings. (See above for equivalence calculations). They will also be assessed by written case work and/or mandatory logbook which are formally assessed by the course team. 

You will also have complete ‘non-closely supervised’ cases which must meet all of the criteria above except for formal live assessment.

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