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Supervision Guidance for applicants from non-accredited or Level 1 Accredited Courses

Amounts of supervision

The amounts and frequency of supervision required during training will be set out by most CBT training courses. 

Our Minimum Training Standards don't specify frequency and duration of supervision for Provisional Accreditation, however you need to have done a minimum of 40 hours of supervision as well as at least 200 hours of clinical practice. So, during training, you should aim for one hour of supervision for roughly every five hours of clinical practice. 

Most importantly, your supervision should give you the regular support you need whilst you are training.  This may mean that you need more than the minimums required for accreditation.

For Provisional Accreditation you must show that you have had a minimum of three closely supervised cases during training. This will have included some live supervision.

Live supervision

Each training course should tell you how much live supervision they expect and how many sessions should be reviewed by your supervisor using CTS-R or a similar rating scale. The Minimum Training Standards specifies that live supervision should be regular and appropriate to your training and experience. So you should work out with your supervisor how frequently it should take place - we don't decide that for you. Some episodes of live supervision may involve reviewing just a few minutes of a session without using a rating scale.

Types and methods of supervision

During training, we expect that the majority of supervision will be face to face - either individual or in a group of six or less. 

During training, your supervision and practice will be focused on developing the fundamental CBT skills - working with people who have anxiety disorders and depression. These are outlined fully in the Core Curriculum Reference Document

You can't count professional consultancy, professional or managerial supervision as clinical supervision even though they might be provided by the same person.

Supervision Logs

We recommend that you complete a supervision log entry during or shortly after each session, with a supervisor's signature if possible. This information can then be transferred on to the Supervision Logs which are incorporated into the Provisional Application Form.  If possible, you should also ask you supervisor to sign section 3f of your application to confirm the four cases you brought to supervision. Other evidence can be provided if their signature is not possible.

Supervisor's Reports

Supervisor's Reports must be supplied by your current supervisor. If you have been with your current supervisor for less than six months, you should also supply one by your previous supervisor.

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