Reaccreditation CPD

First Accreditation Audit and Reaccreditation CPD

Once you are accredited there is a wide range of Cognitive and/or Behavioural Psychotherapy CPD activities which can contribute to meeting your professional development needs. Most practitioners engage in a variety of CBT CPD activities appropriate to their specific practice.

The requirements are the same for full and part-time practitioners.

Amounts and types of CPD 

  • You must engage in a range of CBT learning and development activities
  • You must complete a Reflective Statements for five activities 
  • Within these five activities, you must have completed at least six hours of CBT skills development each year. The skills training may be drawn from one workshop, or several shorter ones to make up the six hours.  Skills hours must be facilitated by qualified and experienced CBT trainers, although it is not essential that the workshops are provided by BABCP. 
  • We accept BABCP webinars in the members area of our website as CBT skills workshops. Please log into your account to access these. Online CBT workshops provided by other organisations will also be accepted if there is a skills element.
  • For webinars and reading books and articles, you can provide the Reflective Statement alone as evidence
  • One of your five activities each year can be non-CBT specific.  However this cannot be counted as skills workshop.
  • When applying for First Accreditation Audit, you can count CPD completed between applying for and receiving your Practitioner award. Just put a note with the application explaining that.

Acceptable CPD Activity and Evidence

Chosing CPD Activities 

CBT includes a diverse range of therapies based on cognitive and behavioural theories and evidence-based practice. So you might choose core CBT knowledge, skills and interventions, or you can also include activities which enhance your knowledge and skills in emerging, evidence-based cognitive and/or behavioural approaches. 

CPD activities which help to maintain your accreditation must be specifically relevant to your CBT practice. We recognise that your own development needs may include engaging in activities which are in specialist areas of practice - expanding expertise, working with core processes or various populations. 

As you may include one Reflective Statement about an activity which is not specifically CBT, you must show how this is relevant to your CBT professional development. 

Evidence of your CPD

You must provide a Reflective Statement and evidence for each activity at First Accreditation Audit and if you are selected for Reaccreditation Audit. In each case, you will provide details from the previous twelve months in practice. 

Reflective Statements are best completed shortly after completing each activity.

Reflective Statement Template [Word]



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