CBT Practice for Provisional Accreditation

CBT clinical practice during training

The requirements for Provisional Accreditation are set out fully in the Minimum Training Standards. These state that you must have completed at least 200 hours of supervised CBT clinical practice to apply. 

In order to meet the requirements for Provisional Accreditation, the majority of the 200 hours’ supervised clinical practice in CBT will be focused on fundamental CBT skills - working with people who have anxiety disorders and depression. These are outlined fully in the Core Curriculum Reference Document [PDF]

Your training practice can have been completed abroad but you must currently be in practise in the UK, its territories or Ireland to apply for accreditation.

Formats of CBT therapy during training

Most of your CBT practice during training should be one-to-one and face to face. This is because the evidence-base has largely been developed using this format.

The Provisional Accreditation application (section 3F) requires evidence of completed case studies and closely supervised cases. These are based on one-to-one delivery of CBT. 

If you have been trained in delivering CBT online or through telephone or video conferencing you can include these in your CBT clinical practice during training. There is specific guidance on this if you completed some of your training during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

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