Reaccreditation and Audit for Trainer Accreditation

Accredited trainers are expected to take personal responsibility for upkeeping standards for ongoing supervision and continuing professional development for training as well as for their clinical practice.

You will be invited to make online declarations of Reaccreditation for Trainer, Supervisor (if appropriate) as well as Practitioner accreditation at the same time.

Synchronisation of Declaration Dates

If you are awarded one or both of these accreditations from 2018, the date you will be due to sign Reaccreditation online declaration will be extended to synchronise with the renewal date for your most recent Accreditation. This is in order to enable you to make the online declarations for both or all Accreditations at the same time.

Eg. If your Practitioner Accreditation is due for renewal in November 2018 and you are awarded Trainer Accreditation in July 2018, you will not make any online declaration until July 2019, when you will make the declarations for both Practitioner and Trainer at the same time.

If you subsequently apply for Supervisor Accreditation, all three Reaccreditation declaration dates would be synchronised with the anniversary of the award date of the latest Accreditation.

For those who were awarded Supervisor and/or Trainer Accreditation prior to 2017, your due dates will have already been synchronised.

Guidelines for Trainer Reaccreditation

Amounts of Training

You are expected to have completed a minimum of 20 hours of training within one year.

Trainer Supervision

Accredited trainers should be receiving appropriate levels of support or supervision for their delivery of training – equivalent to a minimum level of two hours per year, mostly from qualified CBT therapists.

Records of Supervision

It is recommended that you record your training supervision, together with your clinical supervision on the Collaborative Supervision Summary. A fully completed version of this will be requested if you are selected for random audit.

Types of supervision (clinical, supervisory, trainer) should be indicated in the appropriate column, and if you have these types of supervision in the same session as your clinical, please ensure that the entries for each are recorded separately (eg 1 hour clinical supervision, and 30 mins supervisory supervision).

Trainer Reference

In the case of an audit, you will be required to also submit a Reaccreditation Trainer Reference from your Training Supervisor.

Training Evaluation Form

If you are selected for Random Audit, you will be asked to submit an evaluation form of a training you have completed in the previous twelve months. You may use your own form – an example is supplied:

Trainer CPD

Accredited trainers should engage in at least one training-related (but not necessarily CBT specific) CPD activity per year. This can count as one of the five practitioner CPD activities referred to above only if it is CBT specific.

If invited for Random Audit, please record this activity, as well as your practitioner CPD, in the appropriate rows of the CBT CPD Evidence for Audit . One piece of supervisory CPD may also count as one of your practitioner activities; if this is the case, please note this in the Additional Information Section of the form.

Acceptable Training CPD Activities:

There are many activities that could be included as evidence of sustained commitment to development as a CBT Trainer. The activities might not necessarily be specifically related to CBT (as is required for supervisor CBT CPD), but Accreditors would expect you to demonstrate their relevance to CBT Training Practice.

  • attendance at workshops or courses relating to Training Practice and skills
  • attendance at conferences and seminars relating to Training Practice, for example learning to use presentation skills, presentation aids such as PowerPoint or interactive whiteboards
  • involvement in relevant research
  • relevant publications by you
  • reading relevant books and journals etc.,
  • involvement with Training SIGs
  • relevant media involvement.
  • The hours spent developing CBT Training services or CBT Training programmes may count once only, and first delivery of any ‘Train the Trainer’ programme may count, but subsequent repeated delivery hours may not be counted again.
  • Providing CBT Training, and undertaking Training Supervision do not count as relevant CPD activity as they are considered as part of your usual job.
  • If the activity is CBT specific, it may also be used as evidence of your practitioner CPD, but if it is specific to training but not CBT, it should only be shown as trainer CPD.
  • Recording of Trainer CPD

It is recommended that you contemporaneously complete Reflective Statements for your CPD. Evidence of engagement will be requested at audit, and submission of Reflective Statements is optional.

Online Declaration

You will make the declarations for your trainer (and supervisor, if applicable )accreditations at the same time as making online declaration for practitioner accreditation.

Random Audit

If you are selected for Random Audit of your Reaccreditation as a Trainer, you will be expected to supply the following documents within ten weeks. You will be audited for your Practitioner Accreditation (and Supervisor if applicable) at the same time.

Summary of Trainer Audit Requirements

All documents relate to the previous twelve months at the point of audit

  • Log of Training provided (minimum 20 hours)
  • Collaborative Supervision Summary Form (showing Clinical and Training Supervision
  • Trainer Reference (from your Training Supervisor)
  • CBT Evidence for Audit Form (showing practitioner CPD and piece of Trainer CPD) attached evidence, Reflective Statement Optional
  • Training Evaluation form

Availability for Audit

  • You must be in practice in the UK or its territories or Ireland at the time of making the audit
  • You may, however, have taken leave of absence in the twelve months prior to the audit – just note this on the submitted forms. You will not be expected to demonstrate CPD and supervision in that time.
  • It is therefore important that you notify of leaves of absence and subsequent return to work
  • If BABCP is unaware of a leave of absence and you are selected for audit during this time, you will be given a new audit date once you have returned to work.