Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
Provisional Accreditation

Making an Application

To apply for accreditation you must first become a member of BABCP.

Provisional Accreditation as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist with the BABCP means that the Entry Criteria and Minimum Training Standards for Accreditation have been achieved.

Full Accreditation is dependent on submission, 12 months after the date of Provisional Accreditation, of an application for Full Accreditation

The overall process of Accreditation is not complete until Full Accreditation has been granted. If an application for Full Accreditation is not received, or granted, then the practitioner's status of Provisional Accreditation will lapse, and the individual will have removed themselves from the CBT Register UK.

Please note, if you have completed a BABCP Level 2 Accredited CBT training course, you will need to use the Level 2 Provisional Application form.

Please use the Correct Form

The Provisional Guidelines were updated on 15/11/17. Please ensure that you have printed off and are consulting these Guidelines.

Provisional Accreditation Timeframes

Accreditation is up to an 18 week process. Please contact the office only if you have not heard about your application after that amount of time. We are not able to expedite applications.

Timeframes for Problem Resolution

Provisional Accreditation applications are assessed by two separate accreditors.

If issues are raised by either of the two accreditors during the process and are not resolved within a six- week timeframe, the association will recommend the applicant withdraw their application.

The advice would then be to reapply for practitioner accreditation at a time when the issue/s raised have been addressed.

If applicants do not wish to withdraw as recommended, they may appeal, initially to the Senior Accreditation Liaison Officer, and then to the Practitioner Accreditation Committee.

The six-week time frame would commence from the date when/if the accreditor stops the process, in order to request further information.

Application Documents

Provisional Accreditation Application Form

You must complete ALL relevant sections of the form and it should be signed within one month prior to receipt at BABCP office

Provisional Accreditation Guidelines

Refer to this guide when making your application for Provisional Accreditation - it gives important instructions that must be followed

Supervisors Report

Supervisors Report

This must be completed by your current CBT clinical supervisor. This document should be completed and signed within one month prior to your application submission

Supervisors Report Sample

This example is an aid to completing the Supervisors Report

Professional Reference

Professional Reference

This must be completed by a professional other than your current clinical supervisor who has completed your Supervisor's report. The Professional Referee must be CBT trained and experienced, and knows your current CBT practice. This document should be completed and signed within 3 months prior to your application submission

Professional Reference Sample

This example is an aid to completing the Professional Reference

Additional Pages

Criterion 3: CBT Training

Additional page if you require extra space to log CBT Training information for your application

Criterion 4: Supervision

Additional page if you require more space to log your Supervision for your application

Additional Information

Case Study Marking Criteria

This document establishes standards and criteria for the assessment of written case studies where the assessment takes place outside the regulations of an academic body.

Close Supervision Guidelines

This document is produced as a guide for those providing close supervision to be used as evidence for the purposes of Provisional Accreditation.

Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes (KSA) Supplement

KSA Applicants are those who do not have a relevant recognised Core Professional training or qualification.

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