Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBP)
Level 2 Provisional Accreditation


Accreditation is up to an 18 week process. Please contact the office only if you have not heard about your application after that amount of time. We are not able to expedite applications.

  • Graduates from BABCP Level 2 accredited trainings may make an application for Level 2 Provisional Accreditation straight or shortly after passing the course and before taking up a CBT position. There is no time limit for applications if you wish to apply later.
  • In this case, the course will provide to BABCP a list of students who have passed following confirmation by external examiner. Please do not apply before you have been told by your course that you have passed and the list has been sent as it may delay your application if sent before BABCP have been notified.
  • You may also apply using this application form if you have completed a Level 2 accredited training in previous years, providing that you provide evidence of course completion. Please check that your course was accredited at the time of your training and graduation (Level 2 courses).
  • You do not need to provide any supervision evidence or supervisor/professional reference reports.

This process requires that you submit evidence of:

  • Your core professional training or KSA;
  • Accountability to a senior for a period of 12 months after completion of your core professional training (or for KSA 12 months after all criteria for KSA were met and signed off).
  • Confirmation of Level 2 course attended and completed (Your course will provide your name on a list to BABCP following External Examination, and you will not be able to apply until BABCP receive this)
  • Declaration for submission of full accreditation within 12-18 months and other declarations as itemised on the Level 2 provisional accreditation application form.
  • Once provisional accreditation has been awarded via this route, successful applicants will have a period of 12 to 18 months to submit for full accreditation in line with declaration signed.

Making an Application

To apply for accreditation you must first become a member of BABCP.

Level 2 Provisional Accreditation as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist with the BABCP means that the Entry Criteria and Minimum Training Standards for Accreditation have been achieved.

Full Accreditation is dependent on submission, 12 -18 months after the date of Provisional Accreditation, of an application for Full Accreditation (see separate criteria and guidelines).

The overall process of Accreditation is not complete until Full Accreditation has been granted. If an application for Full Accreditation is not received, or granted, then the practitioner's status of Provisional Accreditation will lapse, and the individual will have removed themselves from the CBT Register UK

Application Documents

CBP Level 2 Provisional Accreditation Application Form

You must complete ALL relevant sections of the form and all information must be correct and up to date at the point of submission. The application must be submitted by email to Please enter in the subject line of the email: Level 2 Application, your name and BABCP membership number.

CBP Level 2 Provisional Accreditation Guidelines

Refer to this guide when making your application for CBP Level 2 Provisional Accreditation - it gives important instructions that must be followed