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Application for Leave of Absence

Once you are accredited you can take time out of UK CBT practice and stay accredited for up to two years. We call this a Leave of Absence. Please let us know about an upcoming or current leave of absence using the form below. You will need to provide evidence of the leave.

Provisional accredited therapists should apply for a Leave of Absence if they are out of practice for more than six weeks.

Full accredited therapists only need to apply if they are out of practice for more than a year.

Leave of Absence Form [Word]

Leave of Absence evidence

We don’t expect you to show evidence of supervision and CPD whilst you are not practising but if you undertake CPD activities during your absence, you can still record them for your next accreditation or reaccreditation

Why do we ask for this information?

We want to ensure that we receive applications for Full Accreditation and Reaccreditation at the right time. We must ask for information about breaks in practice, supervision and CPD and requests for extensions, to make sure that the CBT Register is accurate. We record broad reasons for absence (such as ‘health’) along with relevant dates. Evidence about reasons for Leave is deleted once checked, according to GDPR regulations.

Sometimes, accredited members will need repeated or prolonged absences from clinical practice. We are here to advise about maintaining accreditation and how to keep up to date with practice, supervision and CPD. If it has become difficult to meet those standards and accreditation is lapsed, we have a straightforward process to reinstate accreditation on a return to consistent clinical work. Find out more about our Reinstatement process.

Types of leave include -

  • Practising CBT outside of the UK, its territories or Ireland
  • Practising CBT for less than 50% of your psychotherapeutic practice
  • Having less than two CBT client contacts a week
  • Parental leave
  • Sabbatical
  • Change of role to a non-clinical / non-CBT position
  • Any other break in practice

This does not mean normal holiday entitlement.

Payments during Leaves of Absence


You will need to continue paying your BABCP membership and Accreditation maintenance subscription to remain accredited. If you no longer wish to continue with these payments, you can lapse your membership and subsequently your accreditation. You would then be required to re-join and apply for Reinstatement of Accreditation when you return to practice. If you wish to remain as a member, pay your annual membership fee, but lapse your accreditation fee, you would still then be required to reinstate your Accreditation when you return to practice.

Keeping details up to date

If you have a work email address linked to your BABCP account, which you will not have access to whilst on a leave of absence, you should contact to provide an alternative.

Leave of Absence – Provisional Accreditation

You should apply for a Leave of Absence if you are out of CBT practice for more than six weeks.

Your Full Accreditation due date will be extended to allow you to show twelve months of supervised practice on your Full Accreditation application.

Leave of Absence - Full Accreditation

If you have full accreditation, you should apply for a Leave of Absence if you are out of practice for more for more than twelve months.

If you are on a Leave of Absence during your reaccreditation due date, you will not be invited to make your annual declaration at that time. You will remain accredited and your due date will be rolled over to the same date the following year.

If you take a year or less out of practice, you do not need to apply for a Leave of Absence. You can still make your Reaccreditation Declaration in this time. You can find out more on our Reaccreditation pages.

Reaccreditation Audit

You cannot be selected for Audit during a Leave of Absence.

If you are chosen for Audit, you will be asked to submit twelve months' details of CPD and supervision. If you have been on a leave of absence during the previous twelve months, please make a note of this on the submitted forms. We will not expect you to demonstrate any CPD or supervision for that period.

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