Application Progress Check  

This section describes how we process applications.  The next section will tell you what happens if there are problems with your application.

Application Received

We tell you we have received it and record it on our database.

Administration Checks

Triage - we check the quality of the application, and that relevant reports have been provided as well as the status of any Referees or Supervisors.

Accreditor Processing

Accreditors review the application and evidence and check that the criteria have been met. Level Two and Full Accreditation applications are seen by one accreditor, all others are assessed by two. 

Awarding Accreditation

If your application is successful, the Administration team will let you know by email. Certificates are awarded for Full, Supervisor and Trainer Accreditation. Provisionally accredited members are added to the CBT Register UK and the entry is updated when you become fully accredited.

The average time taken to process an application for Accreditation is 18 weeks from the date you paid - it can take longer at busier times and be quicker at quieter times.

Please contact only if it has been longer than 18 weeks since you made your payment, unless you haven't received a receipt of your application.

When we receive your application

If there is anything missing from your application, the administration team will return it to you before it goes to the accreditors. You can resubmit it later with the complete information or documents.

During processing

We may ask you or other parties such as your clinical supervisor for further information. We will need this within six weeks.

Accreditors may also refer your application to an Accreditation Liaison Officer for further advice.

Unsuccessful Applications

Your application will be unsuccessful if you don't meet the criteria; or if you don't give a satisfactory response to a request for further information within six weeks.

We will withdraw your application from the accreditation process and give you feedback to help with any future submissions. 

If you have submitted a KSA with your application, it is possible that it meets the criteria but your application does not.  In this case, you will receive a KSA Pass Verfication certificate.  You can supply this with any future applications so you don't have to resubmit the KSA and you would pay only the Provisional Application fee.


If you disagree with the accreditors' decision, you can appeal to the Chief Accreditation Officer and then the Chair of the Practitioner Accreditation Committee.

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