BABCP Accreditation

BABCP offers accreditation for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists, Supervisors and Trainers. BABCP also accredits CBT training courses at two levels.

Becoming accredited

If you have not yet undertaken post-graduate training in CBT – please go to Training and Careers in CBT for guidance on the background and training you need.

Stages of Accreditation

There are two stages of BABCP accreditation – Provisional and Full.

You are a recognised accredited practitioner with Provisional Accreditation; the provisional year is simply a period at the end of which you demonstrate (through a Full Accreditation Application) that you have maintained good habits in term of practice, supervision and CPD.

To apply for provisional accreditation, you need to:

  • be a member of the BABCP - BABCP Membership
  • either have a Core Profession in mental health or demonstrate you have other mental health training and/or experience by completing a KSA portfolio
  • have completed 12 months of practice within your core profession or equivalent (or a subsequent mental health profession) which was accountable to a senior member of that profession
  • have met the Minimum Training Standards (MTS) through post-graduate level, assessed training courses taught by recognised CBT trainers. This many have been through any of the following routes:
    • Level 2 BABCP Accredited Course – these meet all the MTS
    • Level 1 Accredited course + possible additional requirements to meet MTS
    • A Non-accredited course: this may be a post-graduate diploma in CBT or other courses such as an applied psychology doctorate with a substantial CBT component, a CBT training course completed in another country, a combination of substantial CBT training courses. It is possible that additional requirements will also need to be completed.

Please see the following links for further information on this:

BABCP Accredited Courses

Level 2 Provisional Accreditation (for graduates of Level 2 BABCP Accredited courses)

Provisional Accreditation (for graduates of Level 1 and non-Accredited courses)