Accreditation Application Extensions

Accreditation Application Extensions

First Accreditation Audit

Accredited Practitioners are expected to submit their First Accreditation Audit 12 months after their Practitioner Accreditation award. You should show 12 months of supervised practice – these don’t have to be consecutive months if you have had a break in practice.

  • You can submit up to four weeks after your First Accreditation Audit date without an extension.
  • If there is a three month or less delay in you being able to submit, you can email us at to request an extension, explaining the reason and how long you think you will need. You do not need to complete the extension request form. You can only request one extension by email
  • If you have a break in practice of more than three months or you are not able to meet our Accreditation Standards, the extension request must be accompanied by a completed extension request form. Please briefly explain the reason and how long you think you will need.
  • If you graduated from a Level 2 course and applied for accreditation before your CBT practice was in place, please request an extension - you can then show 12 months of supervised practice from the date you started. We don’t need an extension request form unless there was a subsequent break in your clinical work.

Download - Extension Request Form [Word]


Your Reaccreditation will always be due on the same date every year. If you have Supervisor and/or Trainer Accreditation, they will also be due on the same date which will be the anniversary of your last award.

If you are out of practice for a year or less, you can still sign your Reaccreditation Annual Declaration. If you are out of practice for more than a year, please send us a Leave of Absence form with evidence and your Reaccreditation date will be rolled over to the same date the following year.

If you have been in practice but unable to meet the Reaccreditation requirements, please email us at and we will discuss how to proceed.

Overdue Applications and Fees

If either your First Accreditation Audit, your Reaccreditation annual Declaration or any fees are substantially overdue and you haven’t contacted us to discuss the delay, you may lose your accredited status and you will need to apply for Return to Practice.

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