About Accreditation - FAQs

  • Accreditation proves to the public, employers and other organisations that you have met our standards in your CBT training and practice
  • Many employers ask for BABCP accreditation as "essential" for CBT jobs
  • Most Health Insurance companies will only authorise CBT treatment from our accredited therapists
  • It shows that you are committed and dedicated to CBT. To get accredited, you have to have substantial training in CBT and practice this approach for most or all of your therapy practice

Accreditation is voluntary. You don't have to be accredited to legally practice in the UK - either privately or in a service. However most employers and agencies ask for it.

To apply for or maintain accreditation, you must be both living and practising CBT in the UK, its territories or Ireland. So you can't be accredited whilst overseas - even if you are working remotely with clients in this country. 

If you move abroad after you have been accredited, please let us know on  If your stay out of this country is temporary, you can remain accredited for up to two years - for this you would need to complete a Leave of Absence form. 

If you are away for longer than that, you would need to lapse your accreditation and you can apply for Reinstatement if you return.  

What if I trained abroad?  This section of our Getting Accredited FAQs will help if you have moved to the UK since you completed your CBT training and would like to become accredited.

Provisional Accreditation

This is the first stage of accreditation for all applicants, regardless of experience. 

When you get Provisional Accreditation, your name will appear on the CBT Register to confirm that you are an accredited therapist. 

Full Accreditation

You must keep up professional standards of CBT practice, CPD and supervision once you are provisionally accredited. The Full Accreditation application is the way that we check this after twelve months of accreditation.  

What's the difference between these?

We don't differentiate between Provisionally and Fully accredited therapists in terms of their suitability to practice, and both appear on the CBT Register.

Provisional Accreditation means you are in the first year of your accreditation - at the end of this, we check your supervision, CPD records through the Full Accreditation application.  

Annual Reaccreditation

Once you are fully accredited you will submit an annual Reaccreditation Declaration which we may check through a Reaccreditation audit.

The CBT Register is a joint public register of all our accredited members, as well as those from the Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (AREBT)

REBT is form of cognitive behavioural therapy and we have an agreement with their Association which means that the accreditation and standards of both organisations are aligned.

The aim of the CBT Register is to protect the public, employers and other agencies by helping them find therapists who have met the required standards

It is consulted by individuals, employers and agencies and is the only way to check a  therapists' current accredited status.

You can make a yearly payment for an enhanced listing which can provide a link to your contact details and webpage. 

You can find the costs of all Accreditations and related processes at  Accreditation Fees

You must be a member to apply for accreditation and membership fees are separate to Accreditation fees. 

Experienced therapists who have been fully accredited for at least three years can have this experience recognised through Supervisor and/or Trainer Accreditation if they meet the criteria.

BABCP provides different types of Course Accreditation for postgraduate CBT training programmes.

Accreditation shows that a course has met our Minimum Training Standards - the criteria for graduates to become accredited. 

BABCP Accredited Courses 

Institutions interested in BABCP accreditation for their courses can contact us at

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