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Issued: 10 June 2021

NHS England approves BPS and BABCP registration schemes for Wellbeing Practitioner roles

Both the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) have been approved by NHS England to provide individual registration schemes for Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs), Children’s Wellbeing Practitioners (CWPs) and Education Mental Health Practitioners (EMHPs). Their plans have met the requirements for NHS England recognition. Practitioners will be able to choose whether to join the register for their occupation with the BABCP or the BPS.

As a PWP, CWP or EMHP the registers are an important step forward in recognising your professions, and set a requirement for continuing professional development (CPD). Joining one of the organisations providing these registers will give you access to tailored CPD for your role, a number of other member benefits, and will be at a lower cost than many comparable registers.

BABCP and BPS have worked together to develop individual registration schemes that align on mutually agreed standards. The registers have both been designed to meet NHS England’s specification as it and other UK organisations move to require such registration for practitioners.

Both organisations are ensuring compliance with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) and are seeking PSA approval of the registers and through this will afford protection to those accessing services provided by registrants. 

Both BABCP and BPS are expected to launch their registers in the first half of 2021, starting with the PWP role. Registration of education mental health practitioners and children’s wellbeing practitioners will follow in June 2021.

The registration schemes are a significant step forward in quality assurance, public protection and professional recognition of these important occupations. There will be a joint event/webinar held by the BPS and BABCP when the registers are fully launched.

More details of BABCP Registration for Wellbeing Practitioner roles is available here.

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