Violence against women and girls
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Violence against women and girls

29 September 2021

If the BABCP put out a statement every time a woman was murdered in the UK we would be writing to you about it every two or three days. Over half of these women are murdered by someone they know - and almost all of them are killed by men. As an organisation many of our members work with the people who are suffering from the consequences of this violence - the families, friends and loved ones of those murdered. We will also be working with women who have survived violent attacks, or their children who have witnessed them.

It is tough work and this year we will look to develop resources to help you develop your skills in this crucial area but helping to manage the consequences of violence isn’t enough. As an organisation BABCP needs to be part of the work to prevent violence against women which is why three months ago we signed up to become accredited by the White Ribbon Campaign. This three-year accreditation process helps organisations reflect on what they do to be part of this process of reducing and preventing violence towards women, and a key part of this is asking men in the organisation to think about their role in perpetuating the culture of misogyny, harassment and violence that means the UK is not a safe place to be a woman. We have benefited from the work of our Women and Gender Minorities Equality (WOMGENE) Special Interest Group who have been tireless advocates for us to do better and who initiated our involvement with the White Ribbon Campaign and who have put together a comprehensive and extraordinarily useful article for our next issue of CBT Today magazine, to be published in October 2021.

As an organisation we believe that the responsibility for making the country safer lies with men and that as men we have a responsibility to challenge other men around everyday sexism, the objectification of women, harassment and violence. Unless we become an active part of the solution then we will be perpetuating the problem.

It is early days yet, we have a lot to do, but this initiative got unanimous approval from our Board and we have an experienced and very committed team helping us.

In the meantime I know the recent murder of another young woman will have affected some of you deeply. You will be more worried about people you care about and for your own safety. The BABCP is just a small part of the solution but as men in our organisation we are an important part of making a safer society for everyone.

Dr Andrew Beck, BABCP President

A summary of the extent of violence against women in the UK can be found here.

Information about the White Ribbon Campaign can be found here.

Addendum - BABCP has subsequently agreed to become a White Ribbon Supporter Organisation, rather than an Accredited Organisation.

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