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President Elect

Role purpose

  • Provide leadership both within BABCP and also to represent the Association with external bodies
  • Help to develop, guide and implement the strategic direction of the Association in line with changing circumstances both internally and externally
  • Provide management support to the Association’s Head Office

Desirable skills and experience

  • A commitment to furthering the aims of the Association
  • An ability to represent the diversity of the membership
  • A national reputation in CBT which seeks to be inclusive rather than exclusive
  • An ability to keep in touch with developments in the practice and theory of CBT
  • An ability to keep appraised of challenges to the Association and the practice of CBT (eg implications of NICE Clinical Guidelines, Health Professions Council and Regulation)

Main duties

  • Chair the Board of Trustees
  • Chair the National Committees’ Forum (NCF)
  • Chair the Annual General Meeting
  • Chair or contribute to teleconferences as arranged at Board and NCF meetings
  • Ensure that the Association’s employees are managed effectively. Specifically, to conduct annual appraisal of the Chief Executive Officer and provide assistance on management issues where required
  • Present the opening address at the BABCP Annual Conference
  • Welcome Elected Members to the Board and ensure they receive the training and support necessary to contribute to the management of the Association
  • Represent BABCP at EABCT and World Congresses

Responsible to

  • The Association members in general and to the Board of Trustees in particular
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0330 320 0851
0330 320 0851
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