BABCP Office Contact Details

The BABCP office is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays). All general enquiries should be made by email to

Senior Staff

Ross White Cmgr FCMI, MBA, Pg Dip, BA (hons)
Company Secretary & General Manager

Charlie McConnochie
Senior Accreditation Liaison

Moragh Hunt B.A., ACCA
Senior Financial Officer


For enquiries relating to Cognitive and/or Behavioural Psychotherapy Practitioner, Supervisor and/or Trainer, and training matters, there is a team of Accreditation Liaison officers:

  • Mark Addis

  • Rowan Newby

  • Lisa Thomas

Contact the Accreditation Team

Helen Macdonald is the Course Accreditation Registrar and can be contacted at

Accreditation Services

For enquiries relating to Accreditation administration please contact:

Anne Gorse – Accreditation Support Officer (Practitioner, Supervisor, Trainer)
Accreditation Administration

Julie Francis - Accreditation Support Officer (Practitioner, Supervisor, Trainer)
Accreditation Administration

Joanne Schofield - Accreditation Support Officer (Practitioner, Supervisor, Trainer)
Accreditation Administration

Rachel Osborne BSc (Hons) - Course Accreditation Support Officer
Course Accreditation Administration

Membership Services

Michelle Livesey – Membership and Branch Liaison Manager
Membership and Branch Liaison

Caroline Monroe – Database Management
Membership, Branch Events and Email Distribution

Alistair Shottin – Membership Liaison
Membership Administration

Melanie Serridge – Membership Administrator
Membership Administration

Jane King – Membership Administrator
Membership Administration

Ann Nagle – Membership Liaison
Events Administration


Peter Elliott - Communications Officer
CBT Today Managing Editor

Phil McDougall BSc (Hons) - IT and Web Supervisor
Website Maintenance & Development

Tao Keen Cheung - IT and Web Officer
Website Maintenance, Web Advertising


Moragh Hunt (B.A., ACCA) - Finance Manager

Tim Snell BA (Hons) - Accounts Supervisor
Accounts Administration

Isabelle Scrivens - Accounts
Accounts Administration

Journals Contacts

BABCP Journals
Telephone: 01225 386930